What I Do

Private Pilates

I teach Pilates from a private studio in my home. All sessions use the specially designed Pilates equipment including the Reformer, tower, spine corrector.  I also use a variety of small items such as balls bands and hand weights. The equipment offers both resistance and support allowing you to achieve more than you think possible.

Private Pilates sessions are especially useful when:

  • You suffer from low back pain and other muscular skeletal pain that requires a personal program of exercise
  • You have an injury or special rehabilitation requirements. I have completed specialist training for clients with Osteoporosis and scoliosis.
  • You are new to Pilates.
  • You are pregnant or post natal and need a specialised programme of exercise.

To arrange a visit to the studio and see what I do:

Call me on 07966 296449

Email me at sara@thepilateslady.co.uk

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is one of the best activities for strengthening muscles and improving balance. It can be undertaken as a way to rehabilitate following injury, and can even take your walking to the next level and burn more calories. Using specially designed Nordic Walking Poles you will be working both your upper and lower body which makes it ideal for neck shoulder and back problems.

Come and learn the technique and get a lot more from your walking in a fun sociable way to exercise outside. Classes are accessible fo all levels of fitness and all ages.

Classes will take place on Wednesday mornings and start from the Chislehurst Society’s Home of The Old Chapel in the heart of the village. I will provide the poles during the class. Once you are comfortable and want to continue walking, I offer a special discount for Excel Poles. If you wish to bring your own poles please check they are Nordic Walking Poles and not hiking poles. Looking forward to meeting you.

Please call me for more details on:

07966 296449

or email me at sara@thepilateslady.co.uk

Healthy Plates

Food choices have never been more important or tricky! As a health and fitness professional I have studied nutrition as a way of fuelling exercise and as a way of staying healthy and losing weight. There are a myriad of diets and ways to eat that can leave you confused and unsure which way to go.

In 2020 I studied at  The Leiths School of Food and Wine, the UK’s industry-leading cookery school, and completed their Certificate of Nutrition in Culinary Practice. This enabled me to consolidate my nutritional training and has given me the ability to apply it effectively in the kitchen. I now have a repertoire of interesting recipes and techniques that will make eating fun again.

I offer bespoke private cookery lessons to show you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that you will continue to use and enjoy.

Please call me to discuss your requirements:

Call me on 07966 296449

Email me at sara@thepilateslady.co.uk