So why am I the Pilates Lady I hear you say?

Well my life changed considerably when I found Pilates. I had suffered a broken neck in a skiing accident and although I recovered was very stiff and nervous about moving my body.

Some years later I had an incredibly stressful job as an event manager, got tennis elbow in both elbows, suffered from stress, started the menopause – all horrible. I had heard of Pilates, enrolled into a beginners course and naturally became hooked!! My stress reduced, I breathed better, my neck turned and the aches and pains in my body disappeared.

I completed my basic teacher training in 2005 and have taught since then. I regularly attend training courses to improve my knowledge but my best teachers are my clients who have visibly benefitted from learning the Pilates method.

Oh and the reason I got my nickname The Pilates Lady was from working in the local gym.  People would come in and ask for the Pilates Lady to train them as I was always teaching the exercises or talking about the principles of Pilates and they liked it and understood what they should be doing. Dull repetitive reps were replaced by meaningful movement that stayed with them.

I can offer specialist private sessions or one off workshops or small classes.

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Email me at sara@thepilateslady.co.uk